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I offer full boiler servicing and Landlord Safety checks.

Whether Oil, Gas or LPG it is vital to the longevity of your boiler to verify that your boiler is working and burning fuel in the correct way. I am a Gas safe registered company.

-To extend the life of your boiler

By allowing me to annually service your boiler, you can rest assured that it is in top working order. Ensuring that any minor issues can be seen to straight away, thus prolonging the life of your boiler and saving you money in the long run.

-To confirm your insurance is valid

Many insurance policies require that you make sure your boiler is safe to use, an annual boiler service can make sure your boiler is running efficiently and safely enough to meet those requirements.

-Save lives

Having a boiler that is faulty is extremely dangerous, if not fatal. Avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by making sure your boiler is in prime condition. We recommend and provide a carbon monoxide detector at a competitive rate for complete peace of mind.

-To guarantee warranty

In order to claim your manufacturer’s warranty, it is imperative to have your appliances serviced every 12 months!







Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer

How efficient is your current boiler?

The decision to have a new boiler installed is simple when you consider how cost effective your current boiler is.

If it is a standard boiler system, they generally have a lower than 80% boiler efficiency rating, therefore making them more expensive to run.

The new high efficiency boilers are all ‘A’ rated, which means a 90% boiler efficiency rating, resulting in your new boiler being much more cost effective.

Exceptional Quality

Whether you require a brand-new heating system or are looking to replace an old system that is not very economical, you can rely on me to advise, supply, and install all the equipment you need. Offering efficient heating systems to suit all properties, needs and budgets, I’ll make sure your installation causes minimal disruption to your home.

I am able to offer full boiler replacements, upgrades and complete new installs on all Gas, Oil and LPG appliances.

Being up to date in the latest technological developments/ experienced with all brands of boilers and their various components, I can confidently help you to purchase the correct type of boiler to suit your homes needs, offering increased efficiency and reliability.



Extensive training with some of the leading boiler manufacturers make me highly qualified in boiler breakdowns.

It is in my best interest, as well as yours to ensure that your system is reinstated to full capacity as soon as possible.

It is sometimes more economical to replace a boiler rather than repair it, depending upon its age and condition, that being so, I am always available to advise and talk you through the process of repair if desired. As I’ve stated before - When your happy, I’m happy! 



Internal corrosion, caused by rust, sludge, and scale deposits causes your heating system to get clogged up.  

So, if you notice your radiators not getting as hot as they should do and that they need bleeding regularly? Or that your pipes are taking a longer time to get the hot water around the system than they used to, maybe you need to -

Revitalise your central heating system with a system power flush from £350.00 + VAT

Power flushing removes all debris and potential blockages from your central heating system meaning it will run more efficiently for many years to come. As a fully qualified technician, I will ensure that work is carried out efficiently and cleanly with the minimum of inconvenience to your home.

Using a power flushing cleaner will loosens any rust/sludge that has built up in your heating system. The power flush will then be followed by an bottle of corrosion inhibitor.

​Power Flushing your heating system now could save you money in the future.

Contact me today to make arrangements to get your radiators power flushed.

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